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Recovery and Marine Salvage Book Series Covers

The Recovery & Marine Salvage mystery adventure series is the story of a shadowy group of recovery specialists who live off the grid and away from normal society. Originally conceived in the days after the massive expansion of surveillance in the wake of 9/11, the team originally worked for the government making deniable recoveries of drug cash to fund agency black ops.

Over time the government developed other dark money pools, mostly from arms sales, and the full team was disbanded. The smaller core of the original team shifted to taking private recovery jobs. The team’s final five recoveries are documented in the first five books of the series, starting with The Rogue Horse Recovery. The fast-paced, high-tech lifestyle of the team is still occasionally enlisted by the agency when deniability is paramount.

I used to work at a top secret government lab out in the middle of the desert. Don’t be too impressed, it was a mind-numbingly boring job. It gave me a lot of time to daydream and cook up interesting stories and characters. A lot of my stories started out as ideas for movies and I did try my hand at filmmaking before getting the idea to just write them as books.

I tried to make my books the absolute best they can be because I’m asking my readers for the most valuable possession they have: their time. I would feel terrible if people felt like they wasted their time reading one of my books. The people who read my stories and take time post a review are worth more to me than gold and I want you to know how much I appreciate your time and attention.

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Rogue Horse Recovery

The Rogue Horse Recovery is set on the sun kissed sands and deep blue waters of Florida’s Treasure Coast. The rich tropical background is home to a team of recovery specialists living on the edge of society and the fringe of our digital world.

The team has no names, no history and hide behind a string of corporate fronts. They race against the clock and bump up against their own maverick personalities to recover $65 million and clear their client of murder before the police catch up with all of them.

Who would take on the Russian mob and bust up a Miami strip club in order find a missing fisherman? Yeah, these guys. A man’s gone missing without a trace, leaving a wife and two kids behind. The police have nothing to go on and a desperate relative turns to the Recovery and Marine Salvage team for help.

For a change the team is working with the law to try and unravel the mystery and find the people responsible. All in a day’s work for the Fat Man, Q, Amber and rest of the RAMS team.

An ancient relic thought to be lost to the cold, dark waters of the Mediterranean inexplicably surfaces during a routine inspection. The RAMS team finds themselves put on the spot by one of their old agency contacts and it’s race is on to reclaim the artifact from a mysterious cult willing to die to protect the secret it holds.

In the fourth installment of the Recovery and Marine Salvage adventure series the team is pulled back into another agency job to help foil a terrorist plot. This time the team ranges far from home to help the agency track down a missing Russian nuke. The mission first lands them in New Mexico and later Washington state in a run and gun battle that pits the team against friend and foe alike.

he biggest action adventure mystery of the Recovery and Marine Salvage team yet as the series comes to a close with a bang. The team has to recover a package of stolen technology in a hostile foreign country while piloting a new future for the entire organization. Everything is on the line this time and, as always, the clock is ticking. This adventure pushes the team and their technology to the absolute limit. It’s hard to tell friend from enemy in this sprawling adventure that takes the team to one of the most rugged, remote and mountainous areas in the world. Trust no one, not even the people who are supposed to be on your side!

Additional Content

Prequel and Team Biographies

California Madness & Team Bios

California Madness

California Madness is the prequel to Book 5, The Falling Star Recovery, and covers the time in between Book 4, Dragon Fire Recovery and Falling Star.

The reason it’s not included in Book 5 is that it contains what some fans of the series describe as “relationship shit” and that was the polite description. Some readers just aren’t interested in the interpersonal aspects and, since it was a little long, the decision was made to offer it as a free supplement instead of trying to wedge it into Book 5. That way the people interested in the characters personal development can read it and those who prefer to stick to the tech and action can skip it. It also explains Amber’s sudden weight gain before the events in Falling Star and helps explain a significant surprise at the end of Book 5.

Team Bio’s

Met the men and women behind the Sneaky Bastards, including the Fat Man, Q, Amber, Deek and the crew. The biographies include personal and employment history, a bit of backstory and some redactions, because, you know… government.

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